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Zeta Omega Omega Charter Members

Chapter History

Helen B. Stafford, a resident of Tacoma, Washington, was an active member of Delta Upsilon Omega Chapter in Seattle, Washington and enjoyed being a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®.  For approximately four years, she and 5 other sorors faithfully attended the Chapter’s Business Meetings in Seattle, because they wanted to continue their membership with a graduate chapter since there was not an AKA Chapter in Tacoma.

During that time, these 6 women decided to form a graduate chapter in Tacoma, Washington.  After searching far and wide in Tacoma, Pierce County, and all the military bases, this group, led by Helen B. Stafford, was able to find 6 other sorors to charter a graduate chapter.

Charter Members


Leila Frederick Cornwell (Allen) Minnie Gilbert Elmore

Marie J. Ginn (Lindsey)

Dorothy B. Haynes

Marye T. Jackson

Allie Jones

Cornelia B. Lasley

Lorena McLauren

Audrey Appling Russell

Helen B. Stafford

Thelma Ward Tyree

Jennie Howard Washington

With the support of Delta Upsilon Omega chapter, these 12 women: Leila Frederick Cornwell (Allen), Minnie Gilbert Elmore, Marie J. Ginn (Lindsey), Dorothy B. Haynes, Marye T. Jackson, Allie Jones, Cornelia B. Lasley, Lorena McLauren, Audrey Appling Russell, Helen B. Stafford, Thelma Ward Tyree, and Jennie Howard Washington, submitted the application for their chapter and waited patiently.
Finally, the approval came, and on February 23, 1957, Far Western Regional Director Mary P. King chartered Zeta Omega Omega Chapter in Tacoma, Washington.


"Service to All Mankind"


A Distinct Identity

Chapter Presidents

Marie Ginn Lindsey           1956 - 1957
Helen B. Stafford*              1958 - 1959
Marye Tom Jackson         1960 – 1961
Cornelia Lasley                  1961 – 1965

Yvonne Thomas                1966 - 1966 
Marie Ginn Lindsey           1966 – 1967
Claudia Thomas*             
1968 - 1971
Bettye Clanton                  1972 - 1975
Audrey Russell                   1976 – 1979
Charlyne Monroe             1980 - 1981
Claudia Thomas*             1982 - 1983
Constance Lassiter          1984 - 1985
Bil Moss                                 1986 - 1987
Rossalind Woodhouse    1988 - 1989
Daisy Stallworth                 1990 - 1993

Lorraine Rose Drayton     1994 – 1995
Yolanda Bailey                   1996 - 1997 
Fannie Kelley                       1998 - 1999
Lorraine Rose Drayton     2000 - 2001
Regina Glenn                       2002 - 2003
Lisa Boyd                               2004 - 2005
Carolyn Patton                    2006 - 2007
Sheila Copeland                 2008 - 2009
Carrie Wade Nurse             2010 - 2011
Helen Henderson                2012 - 2015
Fannie Kelley                        2016 - 2017
Iris Williams West                2018 - 2019
Sharon Freeman                 2019 - 2021
Naomi Truitt                          2022 – 7/2022
Stephanie Croom Williams 7/2022 -   

Zeta Omega Omega Chapter members are driven by a single goal; we do our part to make the world a better place by fostering lasting and productive relationships and making positive impacts in all our endeavors.

Three public schools are named after education leaders who were members of Zeta Omega Omega Chapter, they are Helen B. Stafford*, Dr. Claudia Thomas*, and Dr. Delores Silas.  We have an elementary, middle school, and high school named after these Sorors.

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